The Weight of Aging?

So, in the not too distant past, I was lugging my “pocketbook” around (which is really more like a large tote), and noticing that it felt extraordinarily heavy.  Not just when I was carrying additional items, like, my shoes and a book, but just with, what I considered to be, “everyday” items…. you know, a wallet and a makeup bag, maybe a pen or two.

I was sure that there must be something in there (i.e., maybe I threw my moisturizer or body lotion in there by mistake) which was causing all that extra weight.

The first thing I noticed was that I was carrying three bottles of “medicine.”  One was a large bottle of hospital-brand Excedrin, which I rarely use because it has caffeine in it, so it’s only good for daytime use– and that’s only if I don’t have Advil–which I also carried in a small bottle, which additionally contained melatonin (put in there for an overnight stay at a hotel), meclizine (because once you’ve experienced vertigo, you never go anywhere without it), and aspirin (just in case I, or anyone in my vicinity, believes they are in cardiac arrest).  The third bottle was a rather large item containing my skin/hair/nails supplement.  Now, while three bottles is a little ridiculous, I didn’t think it was causing all the weight in my purse–but I did manage to remove at least one of the bottles.

Hmm… what else could it be?  Yes, my wallet has a bunch of junk in it (i.e., old “discount” cards that I bought from random school kids which I never used and expired the previous year), “extra” store cards which were there just in case the mini-card attached to my keys became lost, and etc. etc.  So I cleaned that out a bit, but surely, a few extra cards wasn’t causing the problem.

Well, what do you know— out comes the makeup bag.

When I was younger, I always carried a big pocketbook.  I remember I was often stuck with carrying lipsticks and compacts of other people who didn’t carry pocketbooks (what???!!), and they would get thrown into my bag along with my one–yes, ONE, lipstick, and my compact.  That was really the extent of my makeup needs for a night out on the town.

Fast forward twenty years later, and I’ve got four lipsticks that I can see, in my makeup bag.  Then there are two more, found in side pockets of my bag.  Then there is a lip gloss, a shiny tinted lip balm, and two chapsticks (I admit one was not supposed to be in there, it was my in-the-car chapstick which somehow got in my purse).  And that’s just for the lips.  There is also a liquid foundation bottle, two different compacts, a gigantic bronzer, a brush for the bronzer, a foundation stick, a highlighting stick, a liquid eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner (what the heck!!???), and an eyebrow liner.  What have I come to??

Funnily enough, I always really loved makeup but never wore a lot of it.  I never wore foundation, and only wore eye shadow if I was feeling fancy.  Now I’ve got enough in there to to style an intercontinental wedding party on a moment’s notice.  I felt a bit sad for myself, realizing that having a tan, or clear, not-old skin was no longer an option for getting me out the door with a bit of mascara and lipstick.  I thought, “Oh, this is how you know you’re getting old (apart from the other obvious things)…. a million tools needed just to look non-monster-like…”

And then….

I discovered YouTube.

Well of course, I didn’t discover it discover it, but I did quite a bit of viewing.  And there is another post I will do on this, so I won’t go on forever (ha), but I was in shock when I saw a lot of young ladies discussing the beauty products they would be bringing whilst away on vacation.  I watched some other videos, where they would show how they did their makeup for a “light” day…… Ho-ly Moses.

I’ve realized that, in fact, I may be under-equipped compared to these little’uns.  Here I was thinking that my senior-ity was the reason for needing so many tools, when apparently, I needed more.

All in all, I have become determined to lessen the weight of my makeup bag and just get over myself.

After I’ve taken a trip to Ulta.


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