So, the other day I was once again caught up in the horrible abyss of Pinterest-type browsing (you know, you’re looking for an idea, then you click on something, then you click on two other somethings, then you click on four other somethings from each of those pages, and suddenly you’re a subscriber to 257 different newsletters on how to make a gourd into a candle holder), and I was paying particular attention (as A.D.D. as I was, with my clicking) to how the pages were set up, whether they looked nice, whether the rolling-down-the-page-as-you-scroll advertising was a nuisance, whether these people had site editors, etc.

One thing I took particular notice of was the fact that most of them had defined a particular purpose for their sites.  Johnny is a stay-at-home Dad who makes Art with coffee cans and wants to share his vision, Mary has 42 kids and wants to share her ideas for recycling apple seeds, etc.  I also noticed some not-so-great writing and some bad English, which started the mental ball rolling about the fact that these folks don’t give a fig about English and writing (which, to me, seems to be part of the whole blog thing), they care about coffee cans and apple seeds, and bugger all the difference between “there” and “their.”

I also (begrudgingly? Defiantly?) realized that I do not have a particular purpose for my (renewed) foray into blogging.  Yes, I have a lot of nonsense things to say, and some of it is really not nonsense, at all, but, do I have a particular purpose for this?  I suggested in my “About Me” blurb that, as a “writer,” I think I go a little crazy when I have ideas bubbling through my brain and they’re just not getting put onto paper.  I can’t tell you how many “almost books” I have, floating around up there.  And I’m annoyed with those “almost books” and the fact that it’s been 4 years (egads!) since I published my Motherhood book, and it’s just getting ridiculous to not do anything about it.

Last night, I discovered that I could retrieve some of my posts from my original blog site (again, apologies if you were bombarded with email!!!), and I got to reading some of my old rants (and thank you, Jimmy, for asking about cached sites, because I tried, one last time, and found my stuff).  I remember at the time thinking that the whole idea behind my posts (could it be….. my purpose???) was to get people to perhaps think a little more about the world around them, and to be honest about themselves, and yes, maybe even to try to be nice, now and then.  It may seem odd that my oft complaining in a negative fashion has anything to do with honesty or niceness, but it’s there.

It’s nothing Earth-shattering or overly artsy, what I have to say here, but it’s certainly an attempt at sharing my outlook, warped or not, and maybe getting you to laugh a little, along the way.

Thanks for joining me on the next part of the journey!



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