Exploration and Updates..?

So, a friend of mine, whose name rhymes with ‘cleric,’ was moaning and complaining that my blog background was hurting his eyes and preventing him from properly reading and enjoying my witticisms here (I’m exaggerating a little.  We’ll call it poetic license).
I decided to do a little exploring into the world of blogs, check out other site designs, and woefully compare them to my starter situation.

One of the first blogs I came across had a photo at the top, of something that looked like a baby in a cage.  I thought that perhaps this was a blog devoted to human rights in Third World Countries or something of that nature.  I looked a little closer when I saw that the caption on the photo was not referring remotely to human rights.  I further noticed that it was not a baby in the picture, but likely an adult.  Perhaps female.  And there were some unidentifiable gadgets in the cage with/on her. 

I won’t give any further mention to this guys’ posts, but, honestly, what the hell is wrong with people?  I guess that my early perusals of an interminable number of blogs on bread baking and dog shenanigans didn’t sufficiently prepare me for the fact that there are some strange (sick) personalities out there.

Anyway, thanks to Eric-rhymes-with-cleric, I was forced into discovering a whole new world of templates and pictures and designs that can be used.   The background and layout will likely change multiple times before I find something not only that suits me perfectly, but also one that doesn’t induce headaches or seizures.

I hope to successfully add something eventually to the ‘About Me’ section, and attempt to make this whole experience a little more enjoyable for the reader.  Maybe I’ll even add a saucy photo of my cat, Mario, who is extremely handsome and photogenic. 

I’m reeling you in, I can feel it!

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