Beauty, Beasts, and Beholders

Something I think about often is the concept of “beauty” and what we consider as beautiful, in humans.

While there is much more to us, internally, which makes us truly beautiful, it’s the sad truth that our outer beauty (or lack of?) is by what we are initially assessed in the world at large. It is my firm belief that, even if someone looks quite scary, there is always at least one thing that makes the person beautiful.
Unfortunately, many never look for that one trait, because they can’t get past the initial judgmental glance. I guarantee that, if people really looked, they would be hard pressed to be able to say that an “unattractive” person is completely devoid of at least one redeeming feature. A person could be covered with hair and warts and moles but I know… (I know!) that there is at least one thing that person has which is beautiful.
Maybe they have beautiful eyes. Or good teeth. Or fantastic ankles. Or the hair covering their body is soft and luxurious. No one, and this is a true fact, is completely ugly.

So, in this group of posts, I will be taking a look at (mostly) outer beauty; how we define it, how we judge it, and whether we are soulful enough to recognize it in non-traditional ways

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