Bathrooms With Windows

Right.  So I’ve already admonished myself in my first post about using ‘poop’ references in my posts, but this is a slight variance on the subject, and has more to do with bathrooms, and the windows within.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, or if my imagination is too wild, or if I’ve seen too many peeping-Tom type of movies, or perhaps I have viewed too many ‘interesting’ things in windows whilst out walking… but… I have a thing about bathroom windows.

When I walk into the bathroom that is not my own, and I see there is a window which is inevitably right near the toilet (alas, most bathrooms are not big enough for anything to not be right near the toilet), I stare at it with a bit of shock and dismay, when I notice that there are no blinds pulled, no curtains drawn, no ‘frosted’ effects, or anything to ensure the privacy of bathroom goings on.  I know, that was a very long sentence.

I will look out the window, to see exactly who might be privy (heh) to my bathroom activities, whether there is anyone lurking around within a mile or two (holding binoculars, no doubt), and then further investigate whether there are shades to pull or any devices to use as a blocking mechanism.

I don’t know that most women necessarily notice the potential danger of an unobscured window, since they sit down (shocking, I know) during toilet activities, and probably figure that the most that will be seen is their head.  That is, if they’re thinking about it, at all. 

I generally suppose that men might likely consider it, but think nothing of it; hell, they may even be FACING said window when doing their stand up business at the toilet.   I’m guessing, though, that they don’t care much, seeing as how most public Men’s Rooms are a place of jolly fun and comradery with men lining up next to each other and discussing various activities whilst in their very un-private posts.

I don’t understand it.  In my own bathroom, there is a window near the toilet, and there is a screen and a curtain which can be drawn.  I do actually leave the curtain and window open during the summertime, but I do go through lengths to assure that no one knows exactly what I am doing in there (if it’s actual toilet business, as opposed to, say, laundry).

At night time, I sometimes will not turn on the light.
During the summertime, I will actually sometimes close the curtains AND the window, so that no one in the vicinity would know that I was purposefully closing the curtains for privacy, and then snicker to themselves when they hear the toilet flush.  (dangerously paranoid here, Catherine, you know this)
If it is daytime and I am pretty sure no one can see me anyway, I will sometimes bend down and pretend to pick something up, and then crouch over to the toilet.  Tricksy, eh?

This is all certainly ridiculous, I know, and I’m not sure where this intense need for bathroom privacy was born.  I didn’t grow up in a house where it wasn’t respected.  I’ve never been burst in upon.  I’ve never had a horrifying nor deadly experience in a bathroom.  Or, any other room, come to think of it.
I actually admire people who are very clear about their bathroom intentions (I’m talking about the number 2 kind), and then announce that the bathroom should be avoided after they’ve left.

I guess I consider the bathroom to be like a sanctuary.  It’s my own private little place, and I’m doing my own private thing, and I don’t want anyone else to be aware of it.  I suppose that in this world where everyone knows some of your business due to loud cell phone conversations and internet cookies and the like, I need to hold on to this one last bastion of privacy available to me.

For now, I will say, if you ever invite me to your home, there had better be curtains in there.  The kind you can actually close and not just swags that can’t be undone.  And, you can rest assured that there will be multiple modes to ensure your personal privacy if you ever need to venture into mine.

Some day, perhaps next week, I will discuss the evils of public ladies’ rooms, and my rules for engagement there.  Until then, close your curtains.  People with binoculars are watching.

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  1. When I first read this I did not have a window in either of my bathrooms. I have moved & now have one in the main bathroom. Every time (which is a lot) I go in there I think of this blog and hate the window more and more each time. Thanks a lot for nothing! 🙂 to make things worse it faces the front of my house…the street the other neighbors. We have large trees in the front yard but that doesn't stop people from hearing me yell…I need toilet paper or listening to the toilet flush or the wonderful sounds before the toilet flushes. Who ever thought about putting windows in a bathroom? Grrr!!!

  2. Haha!! Yeah, I doubt I will be using your new bathrooms any time soon, sister. Unless you install some noisy fans, paint your windows black, or add a concrete structure outside of them. Or something.

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