About PazzaCate

*** First of all, my apologies to my subscribers who were bombarded with emails that I had published some new posts…  this is all a lie!  Story below. ******

So, I started a blog back in 2012, and much to my chagrin (and fault, I should add), I let it go dark for too long, and subsequently lost all of my 42507234632 blog posts.  BUT, thanks to this little thing called The Wayback Machine, I was able to locate some of them.  The problem is, it was a long and arduous process to get some of them back (a lot of copy/pasting), and I essentially had to re-post many of the originals.  THIS is the reason you may have received 231 emails about new posts from good ol’ Pazzacate- when the reality is, these are ancient posts from my original site.  So, I sincerely apologize for that.

Now, on to other things.

I watched an interview of Sinead O’Connor once, and she was talking about how some music artists back in the day made music not to be famous, but because they had “crap they needed to get off their chest and stuff to say.” Subsequently, she said, “the only reason a person should ever make a record is because they’re gonna go crazy if they don’t.”  And that resonates with me.  Not just because I’m bald, Irish, and have a great voice, but also because I get that last bit about “crazy if they don’t.”

While I can be extremely lazy with my writing, I do go a little cuckoo when I don’t.

So, now I’m back.

You can reach me by posting a comment or clicking on the “Contact Me” link.

Welcome back, my friends!